Our Story

“The companies that survive longest are the one’s that work out what they uniquely can give to the world—not just growth or money but their excellence, their respect for others, or their ability to make people happy.”

— Charles Handy

Sylvia Maciorowska and Ania Kozera are the nucleus of Ultimate Rate. Having both immigrated to the United States after high school, both exhibit steadfastness, determination and tenacity that can be traced back to their home country of Poland. The expectation was set for Sylvia to work everyday, morning to night, on the family dairy farm she grew up on, while Ania was raised on a Polish military base on the Polish/Russian border during the communist occupation of Poland. Their hard working roots and perseverance was firmly in place by the time they moved to the States, taking on jobs most wouldn’t in order to survive week to week. Driven by persistence, and dedicated to thriving in a new country, Sylvia and Ania both continued to move on to better opportunities when they found themselves working separately in the mortgage industry.

In 2009, during a time of uneasiness in the real estate and mortgage industry, Sylvia and Ania crossed paths and shared an immediate bond over their similar background, drive and ambition. With companies closing, business slowing to a crawl, and agents and loan officers alike clambering to find work, Sylvia and Ania chose to combine forces to open their own mortgage company.

This is how Ultimate Rate was born.

Two side by side desks in a small, 80 square foot interior office was Ultimate Rate’s first home. Despite one of them having to leave the office so the other could have privacy during client meetings, colleagues, business partners and clients began to recognize the passion and dedication the two displayed.

Passion. Dedication.

These are two of the most important traits that helped build Ultimate Rate from its humble beginning to the premiere mortgage broker they are proud to call their own. Growth, however, has not kept Sylvia and Ania from veering off the path of what they feel is most important to their company: client satisfaction. They believe that the foundation of their business, since inception, is each individual client’s satisfaction.

Technology is progressing at an incredible rate with businesses small and large evolving to keep pace. The mortgage industry, of course, is no different. In fact, the big operations tend to sell their mortgage technology in substitution of a mortgage process, removing a very important factor: human interaction. When other companies are creating multi-million dollar campaigns, resulting in force feeding consumers and market saturation, we rely on our foundation of professional and knowledgeable loan officers to enhance and expedite the process. When other companies are using the ever evolving technology to increase profit margins, we are using it to enhance the mortgage experience without sacrificing our client’s satisfaction. No amount of computer code, apps, or advertising will ever replace a handshake or personal attention we give you. Ultimate Rate is a modern mortgage company evolved the right way.”

– Ania and Sylvia